Best Nighty Dresses and Nightgowns For Young Ladies

If there exists one thing that unites us ladies then it has to be our mutual love for nighties. After a whole day of work and exhaustion, the only thing that can clear our heads is a good night sleep. This is where the need for the best nighty or nightwear kicks in. Generally, when you talk about nighty or think about it, the usual image that comes up is quite proactive and raunchy. However, it is not necessary for a nightie to be transparent or completely nude.

Nighties include the nightgowns, night dress and even pajamas in most cases. Exclusively worn by women, these articles are made from cotton, silk, satin, or nylon and are usually decorated with lace appliqués or embroidery at the bust, making it one beautiful luxury.

It doesn’t matter if you want to wear something special for your own self or are searching for nighties for first night, in all honesty, finding a good nightie is tough. With so many types and fabrics it can be confusing to know what kind and what type to look for.

Beautiful Nighty Dresses for Young Women

Women have a wide variety to choose from. These range from silk, lace, cotton and different types of synthetic fabric. The material of a nightie for a woman differentiates the way she dresses up for the night actually. So in case you are tired of wearing those usual pajamas or are looking for  something exciting or maybe just need a change, then take a look at all these different kind of nighties available specially for you ladies:



The best, safest and most comfortable form of nightwear that you can own is a pair of great pajamas. Now you must be wondering how does pajama and nighty fall in the same category, but silk tunics and pajamas are the most bought form of nightwear. Basically the shirts are not the regular ones, but include spaghetti straps and some even come with the lacey edges, giving this a more royal and spectacular look. Satin, silk tops draping down the hips, with a pair of short pajamas are the best kind of nightwear.


Silk Chemise Sexy Nighty Dresses


These garments are basically short flowing gowns, made purely out of silk or satin. Depending on the kind of variations, they can even include lace, or chiffon with decorative edges. Usually, these mid-thigh nighties are paired with a sexy pair of tongs or bikini which gives it a more appealing edge. With delicate straps and mesmerizing colors, chemises are readily available and a majority favorite. This is also my personal favorite nighty style.

Peignoir (Gown)

Peignoir Nighty Gown


Peignoirs are more like an outer garment. They are usually full length gowns, which are usually worn over Chemises. The point of these robe like gowns is to add in a touch of class. And there is no denying the fact that they look absolutely fabulous. Peignoirs are usually made out of light-weighted, semi-transparent fabrics, which highlights the inner wear as well. Net, chiffon and satin peignoirs are most widely accepted by women.



Speaking of Peignoir, how can someone forget the robes. It shares a lot with peignoirs, but gowns are usually used for covering purposes. Plus, unlike Peignoirs, they are worn to add in a royal factor. Velvet robes are not only one of the most gorgeous piece of garment that you can ever get your hands on. This is probably the only nightwear kind, that is worn both by men and women!


Sexy Teddy Nighties

This one is for my married ladies. Now teddy’s are those nighties, which appear as a one piece. But the thing that makes it just so sexy is the fact that it works like a bustier and covers your torso as well. This is one of those lingerie pieces that you would absolutely love, since they really flaunt your curves. They come with deep- V neck cutouts, in floral prints and in different chic fabrics such as net, satin, silk and even pure lace. But trust me, you will never regret a pair of teddy’s in your wardrobe.

BabyDoll Nighties

babydoll nightie dresses


Speaking of raunchy, one more kind of nightie that is popular for it’s notorious name is baby doll. It is a sleeveless, short night dress, which comes in different forms. For instance, they come with tight fitting cups, with flowing fabric that covers the torso, and can even be in a over-all loose form. Baby Dolls are paired with bikinis mostly. The whole look is taken to another level if a peignoir is added in too. Baby Dolls are those nightgowns which come with several fancy embellishments, like ruffle, laces, fur and even bows.


Kimono Nighties

Kimono is basically a front-open robe, with wide sleeves and are almost knee length. Kimono robes are available in crepe, cotton and even silk mostly, and the kimono style cut gives in extra space. These nightgowns come in a 2-piece set, one of which includes the kimono nighty gown, meaning it can be combined with any other short lingerie article.

While nighty shopping is one the most fun things to do, you should always consider your body type as well. Secondly, you should be clear on which ones you are keeping for strictly sleeping purposes. Thirdly, avoid wearing nylon, polyester, acrylics and Lycras to bed. They are impractical and can really make you feel really uncomfortable.

In case you feel as if this is too much to ask for, then go for the versatile t-shirt and pajama combination. Nothing can beat that in terms of comfort, durability and our very own, little heaven!

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