Best Nude Lipsticks for your Complexion

As women of the modern society, we are drawn towards cosmetics. Sometimes, we cannot help ourselves from buying makeup let alone applying it to enhance our beauty. Women in today’s world know exactly what is the current trend regarding fashion and makeup. However, in context to this, every woman also must know that Nude Lipsticks are a rage that has set in the market nowadays. It is grabbing everyone’s attention and growing rapidly day by day. Girls are going crazy over the shades of nude lip shades. Be it a day time get-together or a professional meeting, Nude Lips are the go-to shade for all.

Nude Lipstick (Source: Goodhousekeeping)

Nude Lipstick: The new craze among women! (Source: Goodhousekeeping)

Find Your Best Nude Lipsticks

For your ease, we have compiled not only the brands from where you can buy classic nude lipsticks but also the type of lipstick that will suit your complexion. Take a look at the following brands first!

1. Chanel

Chanel is one of the famous makeup brands, it is a French company owned by Alain and Gerard Wertheimer. They are known for their quality products. Chanel has a wide range of nude lipsticks like Rouge Coco, Rouge Allure, and Rouge Coco Shine with different shades particularly in nude colors which are amazing.

Chanel Nude Lipsticks

(Source: Chanel)

2. L’Oreal

L’Oreal is also a French cosmetics company whose headquarters reside in Clichy Haunts-De-Seine and registered office is present in Paris. L’Oreal is famous for their Exclusive Collection of Nude lipsticks. They have different nude colors such as Barely Golden by Eva Longoria, Barely Greige by JLo, Barely Pink by Doutzen Kroes and much more!

Loreal Nude Lipstick

(Source: Loreal)

3. MAC

MAC cosmetics is based in Toronto and its headquarters are present in the New York City. MAC lipsticks are known for their bold and long-lasting shades. The nude shades include Mineralize Rich Lipstick, Vibe Tribe and Zac Posen which can be a beautiful addition to your collection.

Mac Lipstick Nude Shade

(Source: MAC)

4. Color Studio

Color Studio has majorly gained its popularity because of the shades it offers in lipsticks particularly. It has been in business for about 30 years with its global headquarters in London, United Kingdom. They are dozens of nude shade lipsticks such as Color Play Candid, Color Play Head Hunter, Color Play Millionaire, Color Matt Cherry Pop etc.

Color Studio Nude Lipstick

(Source: Color Studio)

5. Urban Decay

Urban Decay is an American Cosmetics Company and is also a subsidiary of L’Oreal. With its famous product line Naked, it has done wonders in the makeup industry. Their nude lipsticks collections includes Sheer Vice Lipstick, Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick etc.

Urban Decay Nude Lipstick

(Source: Urban Decay)

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Nude Lipstick for your Complexion

With respect to your complexion, here are a few tips you can have at the back of your mind before buying any of the above lipstick colors:

• For a dark skin tone, a metallic brown lipstick added up with gold flecks is the best shade to compliment the skin tone. L’Oreal is the right brand to find a shade just like that!


• For an olive skin tone, the best nude shade which suits right away can be shiny beige shade with more pink to it than the yellow color. Chanel is the right place to find that particular color.


• For a medium fair skin tone, find something that would be beige and pink equally. It would not only look beautiful on the skin tone but can go with any look. Color Studio is the appropriate place to find the color of your choice!


• For a fair skin with a tinge of olive in it, the best way is to choose a color which has a bit of coral in it. An honest advice would be to choose Mac for this sort of complexion.


• For a fair skin tone, color of camel and mixed with beige is the perfect combination. Urban Decay has the right tones which you might be looking for!


What’s your favorite nude lipstick shade? Share with us in the comments section below.

Featured Image Credits: Maria Morri

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