Bridal Dresses – An Ultimate Guide to Buying a Perfect Wedding Dress (2017 Updated)

After Ramadan and Eid, the only event that we all , as Pakistanis , wait for all year long is the wedding season. And now that we are done with Ramadan and Eid, let us all welcome the Shadi season. So Brace yourself ladies and BRIDES (to be very particular) , prepare for stunning bridal dresses and welcome the wedding festivities with open hearts and open wallets .

Our Big Fat Desi weddings start from dholkies and go on till the post-Valima dawats. They are not only full of colors, flavors, and conventional relatives, but are filled with the massive hype of who-is-wearing-what . From venue to menu, guest lists to decorations nothing seems to be more important than what to wear and how to steal the spotlight! And the most pressure exerted by this  whole’what to wear’ campaign is on none other than the bride herself. But who is going to be your wedding guide? Let’s find out.

While everyone looks forward to stealing the show, nothing compares to the bride-to-be’s excitement of finally saying ‘I do’ in a bridal dress that makes a statement catching everyone’s attention. And in all honesty, why shouldn’t she be a little over excited? It’s a once in a lifetime moment and this is HER day, she has every right to look like she just walked out of a dream. This is the main reason that as soon as she knows that she is getting hitched, her shopping spree turns into a full fledged  marathon. Afterall , from aunties to uncles to the groom and even the waiters, everybody is going to look at her on her big day.

Why all the hype for Bridal Dresses in 2017

Since weddings are considered to be such a grand affair in Pakistan, designers work round the clock to showcase their best bridal collections at fashion weeks that happen throughout the year. Yes! These designers are the superheroes and saviors for the fashionista brides, bringing new and innovative ideas, trends, and to be very honest, bridal couture is probably the only way they make big money * not to be rude*. Different brides and designers have different definitions of what the perfect bridal dress should be, but the good news is that from all the wedding dresses to choose from, there’s one for EVERYONE. Let’s see what 2017 brings forth for our gorgeous ladies.

So if you are a soon-to-be-bride, we are here to make your life easy and help you determine what kind of Bride you are and what kind of bridal dresses you can choose from.

  • Exquisite Bridal Dresses for the Regal and Timeless Bride
  • Stunning Bridal Outfits for the Classy and Elegant Bride
  • Beautiful Bridal Collection for the Contemporary and Chic Bride
  • Ravishing Wedding Outfits for the Bold Brides
  • Simple yet Elegant Bridal Wear for Obsessed-with-Black Brides
  • Pakistani Bridal Dresses for the Economical and Sentimental Bride

The Regal and Timeless bride

If you want to stun everyone with the timeless, regal bridal look, then it wouldn’t be hard for you to find the perfect lehngha for your big day. Probably the most mastered type and the specialty of every Pakistani Designer is this kind of  couture.For the bride who wants to turn her bridal dress into a memory worth and actually costing a million bucks, opt for a veteran designer. Nothing screams royalty and brilliance louder than Bunto Kazmi’s magnificent designs. Luxe, voluminous ghararas, and lehengas, exhibiting the legendary style of a queen from the Mughal and Rajput-era!

and yes, this look should be reserved only for Barat, and no other function. *unless you want your wedding to look staged like a Bollywood film or something*.

Bridal Dresses for the regal and timeless bride

The Regal and Timeless Bride

The Classy and Elegant bride

While the classic and traditional styles add in a bold royal touch to your appearance, this modern couture is fresh and includes rather subtle work in the bridal dresses.  If you want your wedding dress to exude a persona that has class and elegance, attention to detail with that fairytale touch, there are a number of designers you can choose from. Normally, such dresses are paired up with light color combination, such as silver, peach, so that the focus is more on the Jewellery (preferably diamonds) and the glowing Bride.

So, for a chic Valima , you can totally opt for this look or just visit designers like HSY, Deepak Parwani , Elan, Sana Safinaz, Maria B and many more. Or just discuss with your own designer to go EASY on the bridal dress.

Bridal Dresses for The classy and elegant bride

The Classy and Elegant Bride

The Contemporary and Chic bride

And Then there are those who are totally opposite the conventional styles, and like to play with colors and sleek cuts while keeping the traditional feel alive. Fret not, our fashion industry is talented and sure knows how to cater to each and every client’s need and demands.
For people like me, who feel suffocated by all the kam wala jora, the heavy jewelry and the hundred pound weight of the wedding dress itself, my advice would be to go for a lighter bridal dress and stronger bridal makeup/ hair. The rest of the look will pop by the beautiful BOLD Jewelry.

Bridal Dresses for The contemporary and chic bride

The Contemporary and Chic bride

The Bright, Bold and Beautiful bride

Bright, bold and loud defines the Mehndi look for you Brides !

and yes this isn’t every bride’s cup of tea since it takes real talent to pull something that is out of the ordinary. If you’re looking for elaborate embroidery, statement making cuts and that burst of color, then you have Rang Ja, Ali Xeeshan and Nomi Ansari to take inspiration from.

Bridal Dresses for for the bright and bold bride

The Bright, Bold and Beautiful bride

The Obsessed-with-Black Bride

We have seen red, we have seen yellow, and orange, peach and even white but what about being the “Black Bride”? Black is normally frowned at when it comes to bridal, but some brides are born rebels! And as the saying goes,” Women who wear black, lead colorful lives.” Not all black is all dark, dull and gloomy!

Darker shades like Burgendy, Navy Blue and Black have made the most mesmerizing yet bold statements, when incorporated in the bridal fashion. So if you are a unconventional bride, and want everyone’s jaws to drop as you walk down the aisle, GO FOR IT.

Bridal Dresses for The obsessed with black bride

The Obsessed-with-Black Bride

The Economical and Sentimental Bride

While most brides believe that it is their right to go overboard when spending on their bridal dress, there are some who think more practically and economically. They’d ditch the designer for something easy on the pocket yet managing to steal the show. Nothing can beat vintage, dig in your stores and find your mother’s bridal outfit! Re-create the look and watch your mother relive her wedding. That’s making a style statement mixed with a whole new level of sentiments. and the best part is, it is your own creation. So why not rock your big day with something dear to you? Afterall, Kareena Kapoor wore the Khan-Legacy Couture on her Big Day.

Bridal Dresses for The economical and sentimental bride

The Economical and Sentimental Bride

Where to Get Those Gorgeous Designer Wedding Dresses

The thing is, these Bridal Couture Fashion weeks, have really mesmerized us girls. Every single time they take place all those majestic pieces of stylish dresses just makes us awe struck. So when it’s time for us to get hitched, we just want to go through all the designers we know and pick out the best outfit. Plus, being the bride adds up a whole another level of pressure because trust me, everyone will comment on what your wearing.

But as exciting as it sounds, this search for the perfect bridal dresses is as confusing as anything. and in case you decide to go for a designer bridal dress, one should be mentally prepared about the very heavy price tag. Nevertheless, it is not always about the money but about the right designer. This is why we reviewed the top 4 designers and their bridal collection, to make it easy for you to know what’s in the market.

Nomi Ansari Wedding Dresses

Nomi Ansari Designer Bridal Dresses

Source: eBuzzToday

Starting with Nomi ansari, the only thing that this man has to offer is some serious cuts and designs. He knows how to give variations in designs and create unconventional Bridal outfits. But in all honestly, the Bridal collection this time is a bit “timid” as compared to other designers. But, the general wedding collection is just simply amazing. So if you are the bride’s sister, we recommend you going for Nomi Ansari.

After all, why should only brides have all the fun?

HSY Bridal Collection

HSY Studio Red Bridal Dress

Image courtesy: HSY Studio

Absolute Beauty. Surprisingly, HSY has stepped his Bridal Game. White, Black and Red are the main colours he has played with and each one of the pieces are absolutely mesmerizing. So if you want to look your very best on your big day Go For HSY. *drools*.

Deepak Perwani Bridal Dresses

Deepak Parwani Designer Bridal Dresses

As far as Pakistani wedding dresses are concerned, Deepak Parwani has a lot to offer. Different color combination, dress styles, and even embellishments, his bridal collection has different variations in it. So for brides who want to carry these unexpected yet graceful designs, go for Deepak Parwani .

Elan Bridal Collection

Elan Latest Bridal Dress White

Khadijah Shah of Elan has out done herself. Crazy color combinations, lavish embroidery and just gorgeous cut works. WOW !! the bridal collection is some serious eye candy for everyone. The only thing that is concerning is the number of zeros that go in the price tag. But let’s just say it is WORTH the massive price.

Fahad Hussayn Bridals

Fahad Hussayn Stunning Bridal Dresses in Red

He might be new in the fashion industry but he knows how to play his cards. His bridal collection has introduced some different and great color combinations. Irresistible designs, perfect balance of colors and the fine quality of fabrics used, all these things make his bridal collection just magnificent.

So, those brides to be who are interested in something different yet rich, Fahad Hussayn is your guy. Fahad Hussayn’s Bridal collection and even other contemporary collections, feature everything fresh and has something new to offer. Maybe this is the reason that he has become the very new sensation in the Fashion World.

Maria B Bridal Dresses

Maria B Silver Beautiful Wedding Dress Pakistani

Image Courtesy: Maria B.

Maria B’s Collection is perfect for those brides-to-be who want to dazzle, without the much needed heavily embellished beautiful dresses. The pastel colours play with a lot of silvers and golds in the bridal looks,giving it a  modern touch. As far as Maria B’s couture collection is concerned and when it comes to the perfect designer bridal dresses, it is safe to say that most of you brides will most certainly like it, because it is chic, classy and yes towards the lighter side .

Bunto Kazmi Bridal Collection

Bunto Kazmi Bridal Dress Red

So what does the Bridal Queen have for you? The classic. For all those brides who have always imagined themselves in shades of maroons and whites, Bunto Kazmi is your guru. The thing about her bridal collection is that, it is traditional ,and traditional never goes wrong. So, if you are not willing to experiment with anything new, and want to look your very very bridal best, This is the collection for you. Bunto Kazmi can never ever do anyone wrong.

Sana Safinaz Wedding Outfits

Sana Safinaz Latest Bridal Dresses Collection

They don’t only dominate the lawn world but they dominate the bridal world too. They offer you some of the best wedding dresses for your big day. Contemporary, modern work combined with classical combinations is what their collection is all about. That is why those brides who want to experiment with their bridal looks, you should certainly give Sana Safinaz a shot. The only con to their whole collection are the filthy heavy price tags *after all its Sana Safinaz*and that the designs also seem repetitive, but hey! All Bridal Collections look the same at a swift glance.

This bridal dress  search is a tiresome task especially when it comes to checking out all these designers, but at the end , the main aim of all these designers is to make the brides look ravishing. While these are certainly not the only designers left in Pakistan, many more designers also have some delicious stuff for you brides to be, and then again nothing beats the old “make it yourself” attitude.

At the end of the day, it is ultimately the bride-to-be’s choice of what she wants to do ; buy a designer dress or get it done by others. But one should always refer to the buzzing designs getting all the attention. If you take a look at prices of bridal dresses, you will see that they are a bit costly as compared to wedding outfits available in the local market. But they really offer value for your bucks.  Brides ! it is time to get your couture game on.

Here are few more bridal dresses you might be interested in:

There it is. These are the main types of couture available for you Brides. Now you can know what kind of a bride are you and from all the Pakistan bridal dresses, which one would you choose?

Update us with your feedback.

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