Bridal Makeup – Meet the Best Makeup Artists of Lahore

Lahore might be known for its food street and happy-go-lucky people, but there is another thing emerging as a part of its specialty ; The Bridal Makeup. As a matter of fact, Lahore features some of the Best Bridal makeup artists of Pakistan, and people from all over fly here, just to get these signature looks.

Even though Lahore is full of many national and international Salons, but still some names dominate the wedding scenes. Be it Mehndi, Barat or Valima, these artists in their salons have their forte and almost every bride-to-be refers to them for their special days.

So where to go? With so many names comes a lot of confusion. Every Makeup artist has their own style, and own look. Some are known for their Barat Brides, while some for their Valima Brides. A normal bridal makeup package includes several other options in it as well, like nail polish, dupatta setting, waxing and even a separate Photography Shoot. This is why, Ladies and my brides-to-be, it is important that you give these bridal makeup tips a look before making any decisions about bridal makeup. Let’s start.

Best Bridal Makeup Artists of Lahore

  • Mariam Khawaja
  • Madeeha’s
  • Ather Shahzad
  • Amina Raja

Mariam Khawaja


Source: Irfan Ahson

Every bride is obsessed to get Mariam Khawaja’s Signature Makeup look. Why? Well because first of all, her bridal package offers a lot of services. Second, she has collaborated with Irfan Ahson, the notable photogrpaher. This means you get free Irfan Ahson shoot with her makeup package. Her makeup tends to be natural yet mesmerizing enough to stun everyone in the room. With more focus on the eyes, Mariam Khawaja is one of the leading makeup artists in Lahore. Mostly, Mariam Khawaja has been opted by brides for the Barat night.

Drawback: The price, what started from Rs.50,ooo has now gone upto Rs.1 lakh ruppees. Yes, the services are good but the cost seems to surpass everything.


Madeehas bridal makeup

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The Barat queen. Every Barat makeup is ironically done by Madeeha’s. One of the finest artists and with the most satisfied customers, Madeeha’s is everyone’s favorite. Overall, the bridal packages offered are good. Madeeha’s signature makeup look costs around Rs.50,ooo . The makeup looks involve subtle eye makeup, great hair styling mostly with flowers added in too and the dupatta setting is absolute perfect.

Drawback: Since Barat involves shades of red and maroon mostly, the final look has the possibility of turning out either great or completely disastrous. While Madeeha’s makes sure that you do not end up looking like a disaster, but most of the times the bride ends up looking  30 years older than her age (thanks to the bold makeup).

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Ather Shahzad

Ather Shahzad Bridal Makeup

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

What makes Ather Shahzad different from everyone else is his Signature Makeup and Photo shoot. He makes sure that the bride’s features are enhanced more, and not drowned in tons of makeup. Normally, Ather Shahzad incorporates soft colors in his makeup and does the best of hair styling of his brides. And the best part is ,he actually takes in account what the bride wants.

Drawback: As far as Mangni and Nikah are concerned the makeup is fine. But Barat or Valima duo don’t seem to work. The price tag may be heavy but the makeup look is always light. Brides that want some different look won’t be satisfied.

Amina Raja

Amina Raja Bridal Makeup

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Most of you know Amina Raja for her makeup workshops and training. But recently many brides have turned to Amina Raja and the results have not been dissapointing. Her Signature Makeup Look is superb. She uses the most advanced and latest techniques of makeup, including contouring. The cosmetics that she uses are international brands, like Huda’s Beauty Line, which haven’t even launched in Pakistan yet. So Excellent techniques with imported cosmetics and years of experience give you Amina Raja.

Drawback: The package. Mostly brides are interested in Packages that include a Professional Photography session in it as well. Being new, Amina Raja is still work-in-progress. Plus, some brides are not comfortable paying Rs.95,000 to a newbie.

If you feel that all these Bridal makeup artists are charging a lot, then i must state a fact here :

Bridal Makeup services in Lahore are being offered at twice the price of what they are being offered in other cities.

While a Makeup Package in Karachi ranges from Rs.20,000-35,000, the starting price in Lahore is Rs.50,000. But this is because of the package and other services included in it. Whatever is the case, Brides in Lahore, when it comes to bridal makeup, the only thing that you should be concerned about is the overall experience. Makeup is being offered not just in these signature salons, but at many other salons. But what makes these names stand out from the general crowd is how they treat their clients.

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