Hot Trend: Designer Dresses Paired With Tulip Shalwars

As Eid approaches, ladies gear up to flock the markets and grab the best ready to wear designer dresses that the fashion industry has to offer. There are a number of options to choose from, and as brands know how competitive the industry has become, they keep experimenting and coming up with new and innovative ideas for every season.

While every designer brand has different styles and cuts to offer, there is one trend that they all seem to be in agreement with. SHALWARS! Yes, the old shalwar that had previously taken a backseat has once again made a powerful COMEBACK! And not only is it back this time, but it is back with a very interesting and creative twist!

Designer Dresses and Tulip Shalwars: A Perfect Combo

Introducing to you, the Tulip Shalwars! From the runway to the real world, these shalwars have taken the fashion world by storm. These trendy shalwars are shaped like tulip petals wide open from the bottom, loose on the top and tapering at the end. They are slightly less baggy than your normal shalwar, yet light, airy and perfect to keep you in style during the hot summer season.

Designer Dresses Paired With Tulip Shalwars

These trendy shalwars can be pulled off by every body type and frame, either pair them with straight long kurtas or short thigh length shirts, it all depends on how well and confidently you carry yourself!

Tulip Shalwars can be worn with almost all your designer dresses and in case you need style inspiration, a number of celebrities, fashion bloggers, and designers have been donning this trend lately. Go through their social media pages and take tips.

Have a look at how you can flaunt these Tulip Shalwars with your designer dresses for Eid!

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There is no compulsion on how you pair these shalwars with your designer dresses since designers themselves have given you unlimited options to choose from. Bead them, lace them, whatever you do and however you experiment, they’ll always end up looking fun and chic!

From international celebrities to the local fashionistas, everyone seems to be adopting this trend and what’s best is the number of variations that have been introduced this season! Mix it with your own personal style, flaunt those drapes and make heads turn. This is a must-try trend for all fashionistas!

Happy shopping! Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding designer dresses and fashion trends!

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