Eye Makeup Tips for Summer: Make it Last Longer

Summer demands attention. It demands that you change all your clothing, accessories and even makeup . This is why we bring you the best Eye makeup tips for summer , so you don’t end up looking like a makeup disaster.

Eye Makeup Tips That Will Make Your Makeup Last Longer


The thing that makes summer so special is the heat. The same heat will melt all your makeup off. That’s why its best to go with one shade for your eye make. Even if it melts, its not going to make your eyes look incomplete .

eye makeup tips for neutral shades

Neutral shades are best to work with

#2. Stay Neutral

For the eye-shadow shades, stick to the neutral colors. Bronze, golden and brown will do wonders for you. Although we do recommend using these shades during the warm evenings and not in the bright summer mornings.

#3. Primer is your best friend

Consider using a primer. This will not only hold your make up for you but also give a good finish to all your makeup. Plus no one likes their effort go to waste.

use primer

Take out time to prime!

#4. Concealer for the lids

If you think that concealer only works for your dark circles, that’s not just it. applying concealer to the lid gives a base for the eye makeup to set and makes it really pop. However, if you wish to use the concealer, use it with suitable foundation. Don’t make the mistake of using JUST the concealer, that will highlight your eyes in a not so pretty way.

#5. Mascara

Never forget the mascara. You can forget the eye shadow but never forget mascara. Mascara will highlight your eyelashes and make your eyes pop. Using false lashes will also help you, but then again if you plan on using such strong elements you have to keep the rest of the eye makeup minimal.

Woman eye with long eyelashes and mascara brush

Long lashes never get old

#6. Say hello to matte liner

What eye make up is complete without eyeliner. This season, ditch all your liners and go for the matte finish. it doesn’t matter if you go for a blue eyeliner, or black eyeliner, just make sure it is matte and yes do NOT over do it. In fact, White eyeliner used inside the lash line will give your eyes a more awake look, and make them look big as well.

eye makeup eyeliner

Stick to non-dramatic eyeliner styles

#7. Ditch the Drama

Eyeliners need to compliment your eyes, so do NOT over do them this summer. Stick to the classic cat eye or simply just line up your lash line. Dramatic eyeliner looks is best for drama, not summers and if you plan on being dramatic, don’t forget to say hi to the double lash line afterwards. This is perhaps the most important Eye makeup tips for summer .

Remember the whole purpose of Eye makeup this summer is to make you look fresh and awake, not Frankenstein’s wife. And for the last Eye makeup tips for summer, if you can’t handle the heat and the eye makeup altogether, go with bare eyes.

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