Eye Makeup: How to Get a Perfect Look

Let’s face it. Most of us still call the eyeliner and mascara combination as “Eye makeup”. But we all want to know what and exactly HOW to use those beautiful eye shadow palettes, that are resting in our drawers. To make your life easier, scroll down for this ultimate guide to help you get the best eye makeup look and that too according to your eye shape.

A perfect Eye Makeup Look

But first ! let’s get started with the eye shape.

Know your Eye Shape to Nail Your Eye Makeup

Knowing your natural eye shape is as important as choosing the right kind of shade, and without exactly knowing it , you can never nail your whole eye makeup look. So sit tight and read on to know which eye shape you have.

Hooded/ Monolid Eyes

Eye makeup for hooded eyes

Hooded/ Monolid Eyeshape

As the name suggests, Monolid or hooded eye shape is the one in which your brow bone dominates your lids. There is no visible crease and has less lid space  as compared to the other eye shapes. This is probably the most difficult kind of eye shape to work with because, well there is not enough room (or lids in this case).

How to work with Hooded Eyes

The trick is to remove the eyelid out of the equation. Don’t work much on the eyelid because it isn’t visible enough. Instead focus on the brow bone, the crease, and the lash line. Take a darker eye shadow and dab it along the lash line and work it up the crease ( the middle of the lid where the brow bone begins). Blend it nicely so that the crease gets highlighted. Next, define your lash line, wit a dark pencil or eyeliner, and try to blend it with the same color eye shadow, so that your lash line gets definition. Remember, the blending is done upwards so that the crease gets the maximum blended shade. End the whole look with a Voluminous Mascara, to give the lash line a softer look.

Almond Eyes

eye makeup for almond eyes

Almond Eyeshape

Known as the most easiest and fun eye shape to work with, I call it the DESI eye shape. Almond eyes are elongated and the corners seem to lift upwards. The lid space is visible and overall they look big.

How to work with Almond Eyes

Unlike the hooded eyes, Almond eyes give you a lot of lid space for eye shadows. so, make sure you dab the eye shadows on the lids and the crease and blend it well upwards into the brow bone. Then dab on eye shadow at the outer edge of the lids, where the “lift” exists. The trick is to use a lighter eye shadow on the lids, and a darker on the outside corner of the lids, so that the eye looks elongated. This gives the eyes different dimensions as well. End with a sleek liner on the lash line, and lining up both the upper and lower lash lines with a dark pencil. The lining up highlights the eye.

P.S : Smokey eye makeup looks best on this eye shape

Down-Turned Eyes

Downturned eyes shape

Down Turned ” Drooping” Eyeshape

Downturned eyes are like the almond eyes except that the outer edges droop instead of the upward lift.

How to work with Down-Turned Eyes

The trick is to bring the focus to something else other than the drooping outer edge. This can be done by either maximizing the lashes or highlighting the brow bone. The brow bone should be highlighted using either a highlighter or in case of proper eye makeup, by a darker eye shadow. The lids should have a lighter eye shadow applied on them. Blend it in the outwards direction so that the drooping outer lid gets a bit of color. Remember the trick is to divert the focus from the drooping lid, so do NOT highlight it. End with sleek liner, adding an upward flick to the outer edge so that the area looked lifted. Add in False eyelashes to highlight the lash line, which would cover the droop as well.

Lastly…. Round Eyes

Round eyes

Round Eye shape

Two words : big eyes. If you have been told that you have big eyes, then you probably have round eye shape. Think of Katy Perry’s, to know what round eye shape looks like. Nevertheless, Round eyed people look as the most lively ones ( unless they are angry, then the case is a total opposite).

How to work with Round Eyes

For round eyes, The trick is simple. If you want to make them pop, use a neutral eye shadow on the lids, draw in a sleek thin liner with liner, and highlight the lashes with mascara. To make them look more awake, try lining up the lower lash with white liner. In case you want to do smokey on this eye shape, you need to elongate the eye. This is done by lining up both the upper and lower lash line with a dark eye pencil. This will make the eye appear smaller. Dab in the neutral eyeshadow shade on the lids, and a darker shade on the outer edges. Blend well and finish it with a thick dramatic liner. In case you’re too lazy to follow the whole makeup regime for smokey eyes, just add thick liner and blend it. You will end up with amazing smokey eyes.

So there it is. A complete guide to nailing your eye makeup according to your eye shape.


The trick to ace your eye makeup is to blend. Even if you are a beginner, it doesn’t matter. Blend, blend and blend. And yes, it is best never to overdo your eye makeup, always keep it light and strong.

And the last tip, backed by many makeup artists, is to always apply eyeshadow when you have applied foundation to your face. Whether you apply a neutral shade or any other, do apply it otherwise your eyes end up looking dry and dead.

Yup. That’s about it. Now go and rock yourselves and your palettes girls with the amazing eye makeup styles!!

Featured Image: Heidi Uusitorppa

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