Make Any Lipstick Last Longer Than Ever with these Lipstick Tips!

Ladies out there are all about ‘IT’ when it comes to makeup. Admit it; we all have some mysterious obsession for good makeup to enhance our looks. From foundation to concealer and highlight to contour, popping up the eyes and lips with colors is the crucial step of makeup application. With complete eye makeup, one ought to get the perfect lipstick combination. However, here is the sad news which ruins our picture-perfect makeup. And yes, it is the eroded lipstick on the lips! Worry not, we have compiled some useful lipstick tips to help you out and make your lipstick last longer.

Best Lipstick Tips to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Having a lasting lipstick is the BIGGEST WISH of every makeup-a-holic. No matter what brand is used, the lipstick manages to fade away and we keep on applying a coat over another to make it last every other minute of our special moment and I know; it feels embarrassing! On other occasions, lipstick stains are left over cups or glasses and sometimes, most have the habit to chew on their lipsticks and rubbing over it makes it vanish within a snap!

Bleeding Lipstick? No more!

Bleeding Lipstick? No more!

Here is what you need to know about lipstick application.

Unfortunately, most of us do not know how to apply proper lipstick when it comes to getting ready at home. So why not try something which will make your lipstick last longer and save you time and money? You are in for a surprise! No matter what brand you are using, with these cheap and inexpensive lipstick tips and tricks you can make any lipstick remain as long as you want. Following these lipstick tips will not only save you time and money but will also make you confident enough to apply salon-style makeup at home. What you need to do is:

Lipstick Tips

Exfoliate & Moisturize


Before applying makeup, you need to make sure that your skin is clean and free of dirt and debris. For lips, you don’t want them flaky and crisp dry for sure, and to save your day, you can exfoliate your lips using some scrub (preferably homemade) or gently massage with a toothbrush. Not only will it remove the dead skin layer off of your lips, but will also give you supple and smooth lips and prepare them for makeup.

2. MOISTURIZE YOUR LIPSmake-lipstick-stay-all-day

To make sure your lips do not run out of moisture and become dry again, using a lip balm or a moisturizing cream will make your day. REMEMBER: Never use a petroleum-based lip balm; it will dry out your lips. And DO NOT FORGET: Blotting the excess lip balm will help the lipstick last longer.

Lipstick Tips

Conceal & Lipline


Using a concealer (such as Sigma Lip Concealer) will give you a smooth base to work your magic. Begin using a lip liner and outline your lips first and blend in to give your lips the defined look. Here is a Tip: ALWAYS choose a sharpened lip liner which matches your lipstick color, otherwise you will end up getting your lips darker or lighter and you will have to start it all over again!


You can apply lipstick directly, but rather be on the safe side; you can use a makeup brush to apply lipstick so it does not get messed up. Use a small amount to apply lipstick carefully on your lips until you have achieved full coverage. Blot the excess by pressing a tissue paper over it and make sure you don’t press hard enough to remove the lipstick you just applied.


TADA! You are almost done. Make your lipstick last even longer by using the BONUS LIPSTICK TIP. Apply the last coat of the same lipstick and there you go! Either keep it matte or glossy, it will last longer and make you proud!

Want more tips and hints to stay beautiful? Then stay in touch for more and comment below to share if you have any useful lipstick tips. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated and will be responded with sincerity. Stay healthy, lovely, and beautiful!


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