New Abaya Designs and Styles For teenagers 2017

The most beautiful practice that Muslim women have been following since a long time is that of hijab. We all know the purpose of Hijab and that it involves covering ourselves with scarves and Abayas. What we don’t know is that it does not necessarily state us to wear the same black-loose-fitted Abaya designs, like our mothers have been wearing (no offense though). You can be modest and modern both at the same time. So in case you want to know how it is possible, just scroll down.

Latest Fancy and Simple Abaya Designs 2016-2017

Now first things first. We being teenagers love prints and colours. The good news is you can do anything as long as it is not revealing. This is why today we see the fashion world introducing new version of Abayas and Hijabs. Recently, Dolce and Gabbana announced to launch their Abaya and Scarves line, but the material, out of which the Abayas were made, were thin and see-through. Plus, not all of us are capable of buying those highly priced Gorgeous Abaya designs. But what we can do is know the trends and experiment until we find what suits us best.

Therefore, to know about the different type of Abayas, just simply keep reading.

1. Cape Style Abaya

Cape Style Abaya Designs

Not all superheros wear capes, we Hijabi teenagers wear them too. The cape style Abaya does not only cover you up, but the Cape flowing down at the back surely makes you dazzle like a queen. So in case you decide to opt for a cape styled Abaya, just make sure to keep the head scarf plain, otherwise you will look like a cloth-monster walking down the streets. Cape style abaya designs are my personal favorite.

2. Maxi Style Abaya Designs

Maxi Style Abaya Designs

They are formal, they are classy and yes they come in many different colors. The Maxi Style Abaya deisgns are easy to carry, since they don’t involve any complex clothing. And the best part is, you can accessorize this style with belts and shimmery head scarves.

3. Gown Style Abaya

Gown Style Abaya Designs

Gown style Abaya are flawless. If the Cape style Abaya makes you feel like a Queen, this one will surely make you feel like a princess. Combining both the Maxi and Cape style, The gown Style is ideal for those ladies who want that flow of material without the hassle of too much clothing.

4. Turkish Style Abaya

Turkish Style Abaya Designs

After Turkish dramas, the very next “Turkish” thing trending is their Abaya style. A best seller, and a personal favorite, the thing that makes Turkish Style Abayas different from all others is the cloth used in it. The Turkish cotton used makes it super comfortable and easy to carry.

5. Moroccan Style Abaya

Moroccan Style Abaya Designs

Probably the most chic-est of all, Moroccan Style Abayas are easily available all over Pakistan. Introduced  by “The Abaya Shop”, this design is classy and perfect. So in case you are not into the girly stuff and want something that makes you stand out, Moroccan Style Abayas are your thing.

6. Western Style Abaya

Western Style Abaya Designs

Not a Abaya type, but more of a collaboration between western clothing and hijab, this style is the fastest trending abaya style. Long trench coats, jackets and even jumpsuits are combined loose pants and head scarves. This is for those woman who believe in being modest yet western at the same time.

7. The Classics

Classic style abaya designs

The black and white simple Abaya designs; Nothing can beat them .The classics are still the most worn styles not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

So, there you have it, some of the most trending and new Abaya designs that have been flooding the fashion scene lately. Us Muslim woman have been asked to cover up, and the recent changes in the fashion world have made it easier for us to be modest and modern. Just by incorporating different colors, and pairing up with jewelry and heels, one can really step up their hijab game.

So girls! Keep your hijab game strong and Taqwa even stronger !

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