Party Dresses – What Type of Party Are You Invited to Tonight?

To be quite honest, there are too many parties asking for too many different types of dress codes to be followed, or, at least, kept in mind (which is a clever and polite way of asking you to follow them). If you’re scrambling through your closet and are absolutely sure that you do not own enough party dresses to last you this season, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Let’s take a silent, secret vote.

Have you, or have you not, convinced yourself before most parties that you really need to go get yourself those latest, fancy, party dresses?

If it’s a no, tap yourself on the back. You are, or probably will, do your husband/Ammi Jaani a favor and make him/her a happy, happy man/woman.

If yes, don’t worry, tap your husband/Ammi Jaan on his/her back because he’s/she’s going to need it.

And for you ‘yes’ ladies, there are plenty of websites that offer you just want you need, at your doorstep (yes, take our word for it).

Need more party dresses? Say no more! We’ve got you covered!

Thanks to Almighty Allah and all the credit goes to where you can shop your party dresses online at ease.

The Nurai Bat Style Top with Pulses Print

party dresses casual open

Nurai Black Cotton Nurai Bat Style Top With Pluses Print

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If the party you need to attend calls for you to look like you were running late so grabbed your British grandmother’s shirt on your way out, then this is the look you should be going for! It’s too comfortable to be considered a party dress. But it’s comfortable enough for you to realize that you might want to save this for your burhaapa.

Did you know?

Eid collection of Pakistani Dresses is already in Stores. Go, grab your dress before its sold.

Don’t get us wrong, the look would fit perfectly well if everyone at the party’s wearing their grandmother’s shirts (hey, it could be a themed one!). But, try to steer clear of party dresses that seem like something you could have bought from Karachi’s DHA wala Sunday Bazaar.

Bourbon Roses

Then there is the opportunity to look like a human bouquet. It could be good for you, if you like flowers a little too much or want to tell the world that you’re a tad bit serious about considering promoting yourself as a full-time, dedicated maali.

floral sitting party dresses

Bourbon Roses- Black Cotton Khadi

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Yes, the flowers on the shirt could just as well be the relatively shrunken version of the ones in the basket (on the table). We’re not saying it’s not a beautiful dress. But do you have to scream spring so loud that even your eyes (let along ears) start ringing?

The Dendrobium Orchid

Food for thought: Have you ever had your Ammi Jaan offer to cut up your old kurtiyaan and stitch the nicer designs along the newer, but simpler, kurtiyaan you might own? Yes, that.

Oh, pretty, pretty.

Dendrobium Orchid Party Dress

Dendrobium Orchid

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Now, this isn’t so bad. Actually, it’s not bad at all.

It might make you look like the extremely racist white man’s Batman (the cape, though). But it’s damn right elegant. The elegant white, embroidered gown and the simple shirt keep complementing each other. The ‘less is more’ rule seems to stay true with the white trouser that only hints at embroidery, making it seem all the more glamorous.

And guess what? There are more flowers in the basket, vase, and on the table than there are on the dress!

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Stay tuned and we’ll be posting a number of reviews on several more cheap party dresses in our upcoming posts. If you liked this post and found it interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!

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